About Me

The Many Faces of Marie Denee

So, I suppose this is where I share a few things about me… Asides from running The Curvy Fashionista:  

  • I was varsity cheer captain in hihg school
  • I speak Japanese
  • I have lived in Hawaii, Japan, England, and Virgina- I was a military brat
  • I LOVE Mary J. Blige
  • I love to shake my tail
  • Fashion gives me joy
  • I am the oldest grandchild
  • My nickname in high school was mama
  • I was a girl scout for 8 years
  • I owned a pair of coke bottle nerd glasses
  • I absolutely adore Donna Karan
  • Jill Scott speaks to me
  • I am an avid reader, from James Patterson, to Eric Jerome Dickey- this is my escape

If you would like to reach me, learn more, or just say hi, please contact me!